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Multibeam Bathymetric and Hydrographic Survey Services, Hydrographic Survey in India, Bathymetric Survey Companies in India

Echo Sounder

Bathymetric and Hydrographic Survey Services

Yolax Infranergy is one of the bathymetric survey companies in India and it is capable of any task at any location. The company employs a full-time staff that includes three registered professional echosounder surveyors. This allows our bathymetry experts to tailor the approach to the type of project regardless of the environment based on deliverables, desired use of the data, and safety protocols, ensuring our customers receive the best results for their specific requirements. We offers precision and state of the art multibeam bathymetry survey services to customers across India. We help you with accomplished methodology and work accuracy. we specializes in collecting echosounder data in all types of hydrologic regimes.Yolax carry out hydrographic survey in India by multibeam echosounders. The multibeam echosounder will equip with RTK GPS base survey system for DGPS corrections.

Benefits of a Bathymetric and Hydrographic Survey Services-

  • Integrated hydrographic survey solutions supported by extensive geomatics experience
  • Deployment of multi-sensor arrays on a single vessel for real project efficiencies
  • Capture bathymetric, sub-bottom profile data and imagery from one survey vessel
  • Combine with UAV, topographic survey and laser scanning for a complete shoreline and waterbody measured survey package