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Energy Efficiency Consulting



Yolax infra energy PVT. Ltd, an energy solutions vertical to provide services in the field of cost reduction in industry through energy efficiency improvement, use of renewable energy , process improvement in industry and energy audit. A highly qualified and experienced team of experts in this area are associated with Yolax Infranergy PVt. Ltd.

Energy Cost Reduction

In any process industry the energy cost is a major share in product cost and in other industry it may be one of the major raw material. Hence, the smart players work on reducing their energy bill first and simultaneously they focus on reducing energy procurement cost. We work as a partner to an organisation for reducing their energy consumption to give them competitive advantage.

Energy Audit

In competitive market reduction of cost makes better chances to sustain. Therefore, to reduce energy consumption we need to focus on losses.

Energy audit in Industry

One difference between companies with difficult times, and those who don’t survive, will be that, survivors will have reduced unnecessary expenditures. Unnecessary expenditures includes also cost of energy, you don’t need to use. Along with reduced costs of energy, it has considerable impact on environmental sustainability.

A good energy audit in industry will point out the way to reduce your energy costs by at least 5% to 10 %. For large organizations, this can be substantial. The following benefits can be derived from energy audits,

Energy audits in commercial buildings

On the similar lines energy audits in commercial building plays a vital role. The scope for saving varies between 10% to 25%.

Energy conservation in building is part of green building concepts. Therefore, this is an added advantage to those who are going in for Green buildings certification. Through energy audits in building the saving potential exists in lighting systems, HVAC systems, motor, steam system and building envelops. The energy audit will also provides suggestions for power procurements cost reduction.

Related to energy efficiency we have the following services for our clients

Through ,certified energy auditors, process experts and our well qualified and well experienced (national/international) associates. We are confident we commit and can guarantee improvement in energy efficiency of industrial and building systems. We undertake implementations of audit recommendations as well.

ISO 50001:2011(EnMS)

An international energy management standards ISO 5000:2011, establishes a framework for organizations to manage energy. By implementing ISO 50001 standards, you will be able to improve energy efficiency, its use and consumption for your organizations by adopting systematic management approach.

Benefits by implementing energy management system

Benefits of working with Yolax


Normally, once the consultant’s recommendations in the form of energy audit report are presented there is normally tendency of a question mark and a fear psychosis prevails among stack holders as whether the recommendation would yield in the required savings? In such cases either the report is kept aside or only a few recommendations are implemented and balance are kept in abeyance.

We take up the challenge of implementation of energy cost reduction project in a responsible way on profit sharing basis with our clients by entering into energy saving cost sharing agreement.

In an ESCO Usually, the service offered by an ESCO integrates all energy efficiency services for all of the phases of the project through a single contract. The ESCO, grounding its benefits in energy savings, offers a guarantee of obtaining rational solutions consistent with the customer needs. Thus hiring an ESCO enables customers to renew their technology and improve competitiveness and productive assets.

The following include in ESCO service offerings